Generic Viagra Online – Is It Worth the Price?

When you want to get a better price on Viagra, the last place you look is your local pharmacy.  No doubt, you’ve already taken a look at their generic bulk rates and found you weren’t really going to save that much money. 

viagra<strong> <\/strong>fda approvedOf course, your junk mail folder in your email is chock full of crazy emails that describe getting generic Viagra for 1 penny.  Between being price gouged at the pharmacy and robbed by some 1 cent Viagra ads in an email, what do you do?  Most people get their generic Viagra online with few or no problems.

Starting With the Cost of Your First Prescription

Most people don’t start off with a prescription and buy Viagra in bulk online because they forget to ask their doctor when they are still in front of them writing the prescription.  It’s an unfortunate mistake that you will soon learn about as soon as you are standing in front of the local pharmacy cash register. 

Many pharmacies won’t let you switch to generic for some medications without getting it approved by the doctor’s office.  Most people start their history with buying generic Viagra with their second prescription.  From there, they start looking to buy generic Viagra at the most economical price possible.

Getting a Better Deal on Your Viagra

Getting your Viagra or generic Cialis online is extremely easy these days.  As long as a site has a secure payment method, a phone number for your to call for customer service, and accepts prescriptions, you are good to go.  It is easy to tell right away if there is something going wrong with the site.  Of course, any site that tries to contact you and asks to send you money orders is going to be a red flag that something is wrong. 

Is Generic the Same as Herbal Viagra?

Any person that wants to buy Viagra and save money by buying generic will soon run across an advertisement for herbal Viagra.  However, don’t be fooled.  If you like organic and natural products, this is not an area where you can move over into easily. 

Generic Viagra is not the same as herb Viagra.  You should use caution because Viagra is a cardio vascular medication.  Misuse of either herb, generic, or regular Viagra can be dangerous to your health.  Use it only with a doctor’s care and recommended dosage.

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